Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Near You & Covering Hampshire

Professional carpet cleaning services near you! Our carpet cleaning company has been serving the Southampton, Eastleigh and Fareham areas as well as the remainder of Hampshire for over ten years. In our company’s opinion, a healthy home or office starts from the ground up, starting with clean and fresh carpets, rugs, and upholstery that are cleaned deeply, correctly, and affordably. Our clients return to us year after year because of this philosophy.

The carpet cleaning equipment we use is British-made and the latest and most advanced on the market. It will not only clean your carpet deeply, but it will also dry in two hours or less. In combination with our zero toxicity, solvent-free, phosphate-free environmental friendly products, we offer a truly outstanding, exceptional service.

Here at Botley Carpet Cleaners, unlike many other companies, we do not offer different levels of cleaning. To us clean is clean and every job should be done to the best of our abilities the first time. We do not try to up-sell in your home and we never change our prices on the day. What you are quoted is what you pay and any problems that cost more to deal with, are down to us for not identifying them in the first place. This is why we will ask you a series of questions regarding age, usage and appearance of your carpet on the first initial conversation. If we identify that you have a specific stain or issue that could require specialist treatment, such as carpet moth or flea infestation, we will request a no obligation pre-survey of your home, before we provide a quotation.

8 Step Cleaning Procedure

We use our unique “8-step cleaning system” to ensure you receive the best service possible, that we are confident outshines any of our local competitors.


Our first step, and the most important, is a proper and thorough pre-inspection of all carpets. This basically involves identifying the backing, the construction and the fibers of your carpet whilst checking for stains and any existing damage.

This is a very important step, as this step enables us to determine what method we need to employ, in order to give you the most optimum cleaning experience for your carpets.


Dry soil extraction. This is the step a lot of other carpet cleaners ignore or ask you to do before they arrive. Here at Botley Carpet Cleaners, we never do that, as it is essential that this is done properly. We will vacuum the whole area with a commercial grade, high filtration vacuum cleaner which will either be a Kirby or a Shark. We insist on using our own machines, simply because we believe they are the best and most powerful machines currently on the market.

They both possess a beater brush, that beat’s the carpet as it vacuums, which helps to remove dust, dirt and pet hair. These machines remove as much of the dry soil as possible and enables us to remove around 85% of the dirt.

Removing this soil is important as without this step, all you manage to do, is turn the dry dirt into what is essentially mud. Although your carpet will look clean, this dirt will initially hide deep in the fibres only to within a few weeks through migration back to the surface.


Pre-Spot treatment. We will use specialist spotting techniques to remove any stains that are possible to remove. On average we are able to fully remove 95% of all stains including tea, coffee, red wine, oil, rust, blood, nail polish and paint. We will make you aware of any stains that are permanent and, therefore, not treatable.

We do recommend that customers do not try to remove stains themselves using products such as Vanish, or other bleached based products, as this can cause serious damage and can make the job of permanent and proper removal, very difficult.


We will carefully move your sofas, chairs, tables and other furniture ready for the clean. Larger items like sideboards and display cabinets will be left in place for safety purposes. Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, we are not allowed to move your television but we are more than happy to clean this area if you wish to move them, prior to our arrival.


We pre-spray all areas of the carpet using our unique “no detergent” pre-spray. This breaks down the dirt particles and suspends them away from the carpet fibres, whilst at the same time, killing all those hidden nasties thats love to breed in your carpets like viruses and bacteria. This process leaves your carpet hygienically clean whilst protecting you and your loved one’s health.

Next we will gently scrub the carpet fibres with our contra-rotating brush machine. This encourages the pre-spray to penetrate all of the carpet fibres deep down and makes full removal much easier during the next step.


This is the step where we bring in our “top of the line” British built Tempest high powered water extraction machine. We only ever use the Tempest which is the most powerful machine currently available in the UK with a high heat ratio.

Once all the soiling has been loosened by the previous step, we will thoroughly wash your carpet with an organic rinsing agent, at 300psi, to penetrate throughout all of the fibres. The high vacuum lift from this machine will completely remove all dirt and water, ensuring your carpets are dry within an average of 2 hours.


After finishing step six we will then post groom your carpets to reset and raise the pile, therefore ensuring the air circulates to dry your carpets even faster. Correct grooming also leaves your carpet looking beautifully fresh and clean


The last process is to invite you to walk throughout your home or business alongside us to inspect the final results and to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the service that we have provided.