Full Immersion Rug Cleaning

We work on all kinds of rugs from your modern man-made materials, through to your beloved Turkish hand knotted wool or silk rug.  Every rug will receive a full pre – inspection to identifiy any issues, existing damage, or risk of colour migration.  The pre-inspection also identifies any required stain removal processess and a full report is given to our client before the rug cleaning proceeds.

Our detailed pre-inspection process will determine the best rug cleaning method for your treasured rug.  We only use the best quality environmentally friendly and fully bio-degradable chemicals.   Your rugs are back dusted and then washed from the face yarn through to the backing material to remove all contaminants, elimanate all odours, and remove 99% of stains.

After the rugs are washed they pass through a centrifuge leaving them nearly dry.  They are then hung in a fuly controlled drying room at the optimal temperature with dehumidifers and blower’s for quick drying, taking away all risks of warping, rippling or shrinkage.

Is my rug even worth cleaning?

That is a personal decision depending on your own emotional attachment, if any, to the rug and the replacement value of the rug. Many people design their room decor around their rug and replacing could mean fully redecorating. Also many rugs are family heirlooms passed down from parents and grandparents in these instances people would normally like to maintain them as best they can so they can be passed further down the family line. We will be happy to give you a professional quotation for cleaning to help you make a more informed choice in the matter.

Do you guarantee pet odour and stain removal?

It really depends on the condition of the rug. Normally we can remove all traces of odours but until treatment is started we can not 100% guarantee this.
If a stain has not affected the fibres permanently, dried urine salts can chemically alter the makeup of your rug, then we have a much higher chance of removing it for you. Treating stains as soon as possible helps with the removal process, but normal stains like tea, coffee red wine etc. have a 95% success rate even when years old.

How often should I have my rugs cleaned?

The timescale between having your rugs cleaned, depends on how much traffic it gets. We recommend professional cleaning be performed every 2 years to keep them in optimal condition. If there are pets, smokers or anyone suffering respiratory conditions then a yearly cleaning regime should be implemented.

What training and experience do you have?

Over our many years in business, we have earn’t a solid reputation as professionals in our area of expertise. We specialise in all aspects of Oriental and speciality rug care, with technicians who have over 20 years experience caring for rugs. The cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained to identify rug specifications and custom clean your rug according to our standards of excellence.
We are committed to providing excellent care and service in every step of your rug’s cleaning process.

Do you have insurance for my rugs when they are collected and stored in your facility?

We are fully insured up to £5million. This insurance covers your rug from the moment it is removed from your house, to the time it is returned back to the floor.

How long will it take to get my rugs back?

We aim to take no more then 5 business days to properly clean your rugs, as many times as necessary, to get them as clean as they can physically be. For your convenience, we offer free collection and delivery across Hampshire and Sussex.