Environmentally Green Carpets? Sisal, Seagrass? We Can Clean It For You

We use a dry cleaning method for the cleaning of Sisal or seagrass carpets to gently clean them while leaving no risks of shrinkage, the same methods can be used on standard carpets but for these water extraction is far more effective.

We start the clean on these natural fibre carpets with a thorough suction clean using our industrial vacuums, then apply our dry compound this is 98% biodegradable. This compound is the gently scrubbed into the fibres of the carpet this works like millions of little sponges they brea down the dirt and this is then attracted / absorbed by the compound.

The compound is then left for around twenty minutes to do its job before being vacuumed away leaving the carpet immediadely clean and dry, although on some sisal carpets not all stains can be removed.